5 Ways to stay protected from harsh UV rays and sun tan

Are you scared of stepping out in the sun due to harsh UV rays? We all are however, it mustn’t refrain us from enjoying the summers. Excessive exposure can result in skin disorders and other serious health concerns. With some precautions and tips you can enjoy summers like you have always craved for.

If your skin has developed tanning, it is essential to get rid of it with the help of good-quality sun de-tanning lotions and creams like Carrot Sun fast-acting tanning oil. Waxing is another way of de-tanning that most people prefer. We have a few other effective tips to help you stay protected and healthy from harsh UV rays.

5 Ways to stay protect your skin from harmful UV rays and sun tan:

  1. Use sunscreen regularly: One of the nightmares for most women is to experience wrinkles, skin sagging, and skin dullness due to UV rays. Applying a good sunscreen lotion a few minutes before stepping in the sun can save you from all these concerns. Those with sensitive skin can switch to creams containing vitamin C serum (with high SPF like 40).
  2. Make use of sunglasses: Sunglasses play a vital role to travel in summers. Eyes can be equally affected like skin by UV rays. You cannot make direct eye contact with sun as the harsh light can make you blind or cause issues with sight, eyelids, retina, and cornea. Wearing sunglasses can protect your eyes and the skin under your eyes by preventing puffiness.
  3. Wear appropriate clothing: Wearing the right clothes matter too in summers. Despite using sunscreen lotions and following de-tanning wax, you must wear appropriate clothing to cover your skin in extreme summers. Wear soft light colored clothing. If possible, try wearing full-sleeved clothes to avoid direct contact of skin with sunlight.
  4. Carry umbrella and hat: Using an umbrella or wearing a hat gives you added protection. Thus, you can walk or travel carefree with these tips and tricks to play hide and seek safely with the sun.
  5. Apply good quality sun de-tan products: Do some research or homework about brands like Carrot Sun fast-acting tanning oil. Such brands have a range of sun protection products so that you don’t have to travel or struggle elsewhere. Their professional staff at the store also guides you in picking the right product as per your skin sensitivity and type.

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