How to store your CBD gummies to maximize potency?

The first rule of maximizing CBD gummy potency is to always check the expiration date on the package before purchasing. This date indicates the timeframe you expect peak freshness and CBD content before it starts deteriorating. The expiration timeframe can range between 6 months to a year. Try to use the gummies before expiration for best results, and don’t purchase batches that have already expired or are close.

Keep them sealed in the original packaging

Once you get your CBD gummies home, keep them stored in their original packaging. Foil pouches and plastic containers are used to seal out light, oxygen, and moisture that degrade cannabinoids. Don’t open your CBD gummies until you’re ready to start enjoying them. If you transfer them to a secondary container, ensure it has an airtight seal and is made of a non-reactive material like glass or stainless steel. Plastic bags and silicone still allow air exchange.

Avoid direct light exposure 

Exposure to light is the quickest way for your CBD gummies to lose their potency. Light accelerates chemical reactions and oxidation that transform active CBD into inert compounds that no longer offer benefits. This photodegradation can ruin a whole batch. Keep stored CBD gummies in a cool dark place like a pantry, cupboard, or drawer to limit light exposure. If some light still reaches your gummies, wrap the packaging in aluminum foil for an additional dark barrier. 

Maintain cool temperatures

Heat above room temperature can also speed up reactions between CBD and other plant compounds causing them to destabilize and decay faster. For the most stable shelf life, the ideal storage temperature for CBD gummies is actually in the refrigerator. While refrigeration isn’t necessary, keeping CBD gummies around 60-70°F better preserves the original CBD content compared to letting them sit out at 75-80°F or hotter. Just avoid freezing temperatures.

Monitor humidity levels

Excess humidity triggers the growth of mold, fungi, and bacteria that start digesting your CBD hemp compounds. Over 60% relative humidity leads to rapid CBD deterioration. The most favorable humidity level to store CBD gummies falls between 45-55%. Use a portable hygrometer to periodically check the humidity levels inside your CBD gummy storage container don’t climb too high. You add desiccant packs to maintain a safer zone.

Check for changes in texture and color

Make sure to inspect your CBD gummies intermittently for signs they may be losing integrity. Crystallization, hardening, color changes, or oily spots signal your batch is expiring. Edibles should retain original consistency. If you spot odd textures or colors starting, that’s your cue to finish up the package soon rather than leave it unused for prolonged periods that will lower potency. 

Keep away from children and pets 

Make sure your cbd gummies are stored safely away from pets and little kids. Put packages on high shelves or inside closed cabinets rather than low drawers for safety. Not only can pets and children hurt themselves on the products, but they also accidentally ruin your remaining CBD gummies.

Check for signs of mold growth

The next visual check you’ll want to make occasionally is inspecting for hidden mold growth. If humidity levels get too high inside the packaging, spores can start multiplying, fed by the organic plant compounds. White, furry tendrils extending from CBD gummies signal mold infestation. At that point, the batch should be discarded rather than risk consuming the dangerous bacteria byproducts. Even if there are only a few CBD gummies left, sealing protects their stability compared to leaving containers open until the next use. Then enjoy the last gummies sooner before unfavorable decay.

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