Taking the Right Precaution to Reduce Calluses and Corns from Reoccurring

Corns and calluses are common conditions that occur on your feet. The reasons might vary from one person to another. The right treatment can be sought out by podiatrists. You might think that corn and calluses are the same, but there is a thin line of difference between the same.

When Is Corn and Callus Surgery Required

Corn and calluses are harmless, but can cause pain and discomfort. If they become unbearable or cause discomfort while walking, then you might want to consult podiatrists and seek treatment for the same. In some cases, the only option would be laser surgery.

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So, you might want to know the difference between corn and calluses, before opting for the right treatment. Corns are smaller in size than calluses. They have a hard center and can be painful if pressure is applied to the feet.

Calluses, on the other hand, tend to develop on the knees, balls of your feet, or heels. They are often larger than corns and do not cause pain.

Many times, surgeries are not required as these conditions reduce with the help of over-the-counter medications. If the condition persists, then you might need surgery to fix the issue.

During the surgery, your podiatrist will:

  • Sterilize and numb the affected area with anesthesia
  • They will slowly scrape the dead skins with a scalpel to reach the corn
  • Once the corn is removed, the targeted area will be cleansed and stitched
  • Your podiatrist will bandage the area and prescribe you antibiotics

The procedure generally takes approximately 20-30 minutes. After the surgery, your podiatrist will instruct you on how to clean the wound and the safety precautions that come with them.

Keeping Calluses and Corns at Bay

If you want to avoid surgeries at corn removal Orange County clinics, you need to ensure to keep the right foot care. Corns can be caused due to several reasons such as:

· Wearing ill-fitting shoes

Tight shoes or heels can cause discomfort for your feet. Your feet have no breathing space and can rub against the seams or sides and cause friction and discomfort.

· Genetics

Many people are born with crooked feet. People with hammertoes, bunions, or foot deformities are at high risk of devolving corns and calluses.

  • Playing instruments or hand tools like guitars or using pens

Repeated friction while playing guitars or writing can cause friction between the fingers leading to corns or calluses.

· Friction caused by not wearing socks

When your wear shoes minus your socks, it can cause friction between the soles of your feet and the shoes, leading to redness and discomfort.

· Standing or walking for long periods

If your job requires you to stand for prolonged period, this might put pressure on your feet.

If you have medical conditions such as diabetes, then calluses should not be taken lightly. You can book an appointment with any reputed callus removal Irvine clinic and have them checked out. If left untreated, it can lead to infections or ulcers.

Some of the best ways to prevent corns and calluses from reoccurring are:

  • Choose the right shoes that give ample breathing space for your feet
  • Opt for custom-made orthotics that are shoe inserts that support your feet
  • Used padded gloves while handling instruments
  • Opt for corn pads or felts that can protect your feet against rubbing against the shoes
  • Trim your nails regularly. Long nails can cause your feet to push against shoes causing friction

If you have mild calluses or corns, you can treat them at home. Apply cold packs to the targeted area to reduce pain and swelling. Keep them for at least 10-20 minutes. Avoid using sharp objects to remove the corns or calluses. This could worsen the situation leading to ulcers.


It is always advisable to get any foot problems checked out by experienced podiatrists. Leaving minor bumps or lumps unattended can cause infections leading to complications.

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