Easy bulk billing in Bundoora

Bulk billing medical clinic is hard to find in Bundoora. Although, you can find few clinics offering bulk billing from patients, but since it takes lots of time, and need to go through so much paper work and form filling that most clinics don’t accept bulk billing.

Also, medical clinics that offer bulk billing services to patients get much lower payments from their customers against clinics that do not offer bulk billing. There is a huge outcry amongst clinics offering bulk billing, as it has considerably reduced their revenues, forcing some to permanently close down and switch to telephonic consultations for bulk billing patients.

Benefits of bulk billing to the patients?

Bulk billing is a huge benefit that arises due to their membership to healthcare insurance. Under the scheme, the patients covered under medical insurance do not have to pay out of their pocket for most of medical testing and also the procedures, while the payment to the clinic or medical practitioner is made directly by the insurance company.

This ensures that patients covered by medical insurance do not have to run from pillar to post in case of an expensive procedure, while they get the best of medical facilities at the best medical centers. The only thing that the patient needs to give is their consent to the bulk billing doctor or bulk bill medical clinic to receive payment from the insurance company. Family clinic Bundoora offers bulk billing to all customers that are eligible to bulk billing. 

Services that are eligible for bulk billing

While all services may not be covered under bulk billing, bulk bill medical clinic offers bulk billing of all eligible services to residents of Bundoora and nearby areas. Bulk billing covers an exhaustive range of general checkups, pathology tests, scans, eye tests, doctor’s consultation, X- rays, and many more.

Although, bulk billing may not be available to in patient customers, bulk bill medical clinic offers bulk billing to most services.

People who are eligible for bulk billing

Depending upon the clinic and practice of the doctor, bulk billing can be offered to all or selective patients. Some practitioners offer bulk billing to all their patients, while some offer to selective patients depending upon their choice.

Regardless of their age, income, bulk billing can be provided to the following people:

  • Children below 16 years of age
  • Health care card holders
  • Pensioners
  • Senior citizens
  • Patients of home visit services

Finding bulk bill medical clinic:

If you are looking for a bulk bill medical clinic in Bundoora, you could find few clinics offering such services. However, there are very few clinics in Bundoora that have such an extensive range of services to their clients. Family Clinic Bundoora is one of the most popular and well-known clinics in Bundoora. It serves people from very far and wide.  

The bulk bill medical clinic has the reputation of offering best and low-cost services to all the people coming to them. They have installed latest machines and technology so that people have access to latest in the medicine world, and don’t have to travel long distances for their healthcare problems.

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