Modern Equipment Used by MS Patients

The symptoms of multiple sclerosis can affect all aspects of your life, from how you walk and maintain your posture to the way you unwind after a long day. Medications and some alternative therapies can help manage the symptoms of MS, but there are also technological advances that can make living with this condition easier. Several of these are highlighted here.

FootWARE and SmartScale for Balance

FootWARE by TacSense is the first smart shoe that can track health by registering heart rate, stress levels, emotion, blood pressure, breathing, and movement. It uses FITS technology to monitor your steps, abnormal gaits, and pulse rate. 

SmartScale by Zibrio is a device that measures balance. Since difficulty maintaining balance is one of MS’s most complex symptoms, the SmartScale allows you to test your risk of falling in just 60 seconds. 

All you have to do is stand on it with your eyes open. It then rates your balance on a scale of 1 to 10. Lower numbers indicate a higher risk of falling. 

Mateo for Weight Monitoring

Maintaining health levels can help manage MS symptoms, and Baracoda’s Mateo can make this easier. Mateo is the first smart bathroom mat that can monitor your weight, posture, and body fat when you stand on it. 

WHILL Personal Electric Vehicles and V8 Foldable Scooters for Mobility

Ultralight and compact, the Model Ci WHILL personal electric vehicle allows you to move up to 5 mph for 10 miles before needing recharging, while Model A lets you pull right up to tables and desks. They both come with many options, including a cup holder, phone holder, walking stick holder, light, and horn. 

An electric scooter, the V8 foldable scooter from iLiving allows you to stay active even with MS. This lightweight device has a frame made from aircraft-grade aluminum, along with a USB port and a durable cushioned seat. 

For security, the V8’s battery compartment opens with the scooter’s key. The V8 is easy to use and even easier to fold, relying on iLiving’s two-step fold-unfold system. 

Core for Relaxation

Core by Core Wellness is the first handheld meditation trainer. Meditation can help people with MS manage stress and improve their quality of life. Core offers curated audio to help you achieve relaxation. It also provides haptic feedback that lets you focus and tracks your heart data via electrocardiogram. 

Let Your Equipment Help

The right equipment can make living every day with MS a bit simpler. By helping you enhance your mobility, monitor your weight and posture, and even track your balance while walking, these devices can reduce the risk of falling or other injuries. With these tools, you can increase your level of independence while remaining safe.

This post was written by a medical professional at Stemedix Inc. At Stemedix we provide access to Regenerative Medicine for multiple sclerosis, also known as stem cell therapy for multiple sclerosis. Regenerative medicine has the natural potential to help improve symptoms sometimes lost from the progression of many conditions.


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