The Complete Guide to Understanding and Treating Cellulite

Before you go ahead in finding the correct treatment for cellulite, you must know what cellulite is. Cellulite is nothing but the fat that is pushed toward the connective tissues beneath your skin. This makes the skin look lumpy as well as dimpled. It is mostly seen on your thighs and buttocks. But there are cases where it is seen in other parts too. 

In this guide, we will attend to the common questions regarding cellulite and try to answer them as simply as possible.

Why is cellulite a major problem for most women?

Women generally have more cellulite than men do and this is because women have their fatty cells and connective tissues arranged vertically. The fat cells easily push through the connective tissues. Whereas men have their fatty cells and tissues arranged in a crisscross manner and hence do not get cellulite easily. About 90% of women worldwide suffer from cellulite.

How does cellulitis affect teenagers?

The modern inactivity and rampage lifestyles along with technology have confined most children to their couches. This is why cellulite is becoming common in them. There is also a large number of fats, sugar, and empty calories in diets these days. The inclusion of these leads to obesity and cellulite in teenagers. It is also caused by the intense change in hormones as well.

How are 10% of women safe from cellulite?

It is obvious that every woman has a unique body and some just have good skin. They might have thick skin where the collagen is distributed perfectly. The great-looking legs that you see might also have grade 1 cellulite that is not visible to the naked eye. If women produce quite a good amount of collagen, they can be safe from cellulite even in their later years.

At what age does cellulite start appearing?

Many girls often see the signs of cellulite appearing right after they hit puberty. It is a probability that 98% of the females will be affected at their post-pubertal stage. Many younger girls will be noticing lumps and dimples on their skin, regardless of their weight and fitness. Multiple factors play integral roles in developing cellulite. Despite genetics and gender, diet and lifestyle also play a crucial role here.

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