What is Facial Wart and Its Removal Method

Small skin growth known as warts can appear anywhere on your body. Once this little, harmless skin growth appears on your face, it’s referred to as facial warts. The projections on facial warts are long and thin. They will protrude 1-2mm over the surface of your facial skin. It feels rough on the surface and resembles a solid blister.

Warts on the face can be pink, yellow, brown, or skin coloured. They can be found on the lips, eyelids, and often your cheeks. Many people report feeling itchy, painful, and irritated. Additionally, you will see black dots on your warts. These blood arteries are vulnerable to injury.

Usually, facial warts go away on their own, although it might take anywhere from 1-5 years. Specialists advise seeking treatment for facial warts, though. This becomes especially important if the  is large and has spread to sensitive areas like eyelids. Extremely contagious facial warts can spread to other parts of your body similarly.

At The Retens, cosmetologists use laser treatment to remove a wart from the face. Retens’ treatment for warts removal is handled by a physician. Before the procedure, a thorough analysis is done to ensure that the surroundings and treatment equipment are both clean and hygienic. They also frequently use products that have received FDA certification. The Retens also accepts 疣保險, but it is wise to check with your insurance company. 

There are two types of facial warts – 

  • Flat warts – Flat warts typically appear on the forehead and cheeks. They resemble little poppy seeds in large clusters because of their size. They pop in pinkish, brownish, or yellowish colour.
  • Filiform warts – They resemble sharp blisters on lips, nose, and eyes. Filiform can range in colour from pink to darker shades of flesh.

Different Methods of Removing Warts


  • Cryotherapy – Your wart is frozen by injecting with liquid nitrogen. It will probably take 2-3 weeks to finish the therapy because it is not a one-time process.
  • Surgical – This is the standard treatment and is frequently recommended for filiform warts. Your doctor will use a knife to remove the wart.
  • Electrosurgery & Curettage – In this technique, the wart is scraped off your skin using electrocauterization, which heats the tissue with electricity. 
  • Cantharidin – A chemical that causes a blister to develop over your warts. When the blister forms from the use of cantharidin or a similar chemical mixture, your doctor will be able to remove the wart easily.

In-Home Remedies 

  • Use garlic extract and apply it to the wart, then cover it with a bandage. Follow this method for a few days until the wart removes completely.
  • When used over six weeks, a diluted solution of lemon juice and water removed flat warts.
  • Consider applying pineapple juice with a cotton swab to the wart before bed every night for a few weeks.

Here are various home remedies for  but certain complicated warts need medical attention, especially if they are on your face. Warts cannot be treated by the viruses that produce them, but they can frequently be successfully removed.


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