Why Air Circulation Is Important for Marijuana Plants

Since photosynthesis depends on carbon dioxide (CO2), plants must have access to clean air to survive. This means that you will require constant flow of air through grow room in order to move hot air out of area & introduce cool air.

This is simply accomplished by adding a port or passive fan on the opposite side of the space near the floor to bring in cool air and installing an exhaust fan near the top of the space to draw out warm air (warm air rises). Every minute or so, the entire growing space should experience a complete air exchange.

Without adequate airflow, a growing area may experience abrupt changes in humidity or develop CO2 depletion pockets, neither of which is beneficial for plant growth. A nutrient lockout can result from CO2 depletion, and pest infestation, mold, and mildew are more likely to occur in humid environments.

Another smart move is to install oscillating fans to maintain a constant breeze in your growing space. This will help plants’ stems grow stronger & healthier.

Installing fans

Clip-on fans can be fastened to objects like walls, corners, or support beams in small spaces or tents. Use large floor models or medium-sized oscillating fans for larger grow rooms.

Fans should be placed so that they can distribute even, direct airflow throughout the garden. Typically, oscillating or multiple fans that can operate in tandem are used for this.

Fans shouldn’t blow air directly onto plants because this can cause wind burn, which causes leaves to retract into a claw-like deformation. Instead, there should be a comfortable airflow both above and below the canopy.

ACS and dehumidifiers

You might need to buy a dehumidifier, also referred to as a “dehuey,” if your room is overly humid. However, keep in mind that while dehumidifiers will lower the humidity, they usually raise the temperature, necessitating the use of additional fans or an air conditioner.

It can be difficult to achieve the ideal climate for your plants without using a lot of electricity and several different pieces of equipment. This contributes to the fact that indoor marijuana cultivation costs more than outdoor cultivation.

Buy some fans before an AC unit because they are necessary for a grow room to move the air around. If you discover that fans aren’t sufficiently lowering the temperature, you might want to consider buying an AC for your marijuana plants.


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